The Algebra Game is designed to allow students a way to think through the algebra connections. Autograph, an interactive and visual approach to teaching mathematics from the middle school to the college level. First 5 provides a comprehensive and organized review of previously learned math concepts. Heads Up! An in-class or homework system for elementary grades that provides comprehensive review of the basic mathematical skills and concepts. Professional development providers with experience in mathematic topics including  manipulatives in the mathematics classroom, instructional technology in improving mathematics learning, formative and summative assessment in improving lesson design, and working with special education students. Using the Solving with Pythagoras card decks and Teacher Manual and have your students making relational decisions about triangles within minutes.
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Autograph Version 3

Teaching mathematics from the middle school to the college level with dynamic software is more effective, more efficient and more fun, for both teacher and student. Lessons are more exciting and effective with Autograph's interactive and visual approach. Autograph is a program designed by a teacher to be used by teachers and students.
Autograph leads the way in the use of selectable mathematical objects to help students better understand topics ranging from pre-Algebra through Calculus and advanced Statistics. Autograph turns a computer into a hands-on learning experience through its incredible investigative tools.
Autograph is Interactive Whiteboard friendly - with its own drawing overlay tools. It's so easy and
intuitive to use as well as being a powerful mathematical tool. Whether you are using a Mac or PC, both teacher and student will be up and investigating with Autograph in just a few keystrokes.
You can bring math to life with photos and images as background, over which to fit curves for example. Image handling allows you to paste or drag image files into Autograph, and you can drag images straight off Firefox web pages.
The multi-lingual interface has been extended to 22 languages, including the world's first true right-to-left Arabic notation. Purchasing the School Plus Home license allows students to have copies on their home computers and available in their home language.
mathematics middle school to college, pre-Algebra, Calculus, 1D - Statistics & Probability, 2D - Graphing, 3D - Graphing, Raw Data, Grouped Data, Frequency Density, Histogram Measurement, Poisson Data, Central Limit Theorem, Binomial and Poisson, Discrete Prob Calculation, Normal Distribution, Hypothesis Tests, Horsekicks! (Poisson fit) 2D - Graphing, Gradient (Slope), Area, The Chain Rule, Trigonometry Functions-2, Trigonometry Functions-3, arcsin(x), Vectors-2, Closest Distance (2D), Fit Trig to a Tide Table, Parametric Equations, Conics (Polar coordinates),Constructing a Cardoid, Constructing a Cycloid, Normal Function, 3D - Graphing, Exploring Surfaces, Conic Sections, Closest Distance, 2 Intersecting Planes, 3 Intersecting Planes, Cross Product, Saddlepoint, Parametric Curves, Spherical Polars