A Progression of Numerical Information

Computers have not quite taken over the world, but many people rely on them. They forget that behind all the...


Statistics in the Real World

Counting is just the beginning of mathematics, and numbers often need to be interpreted for people to use them. It...


What Counts Today

Numbers have always been an abstract way to observe and classify the world, but they are useful for those who...

Few students are gifted when it comes to mathematics, and many of them have struggled to complete their mandatory courses to graduate. With the advent of computers in nearly every device now made, some enterprising students might believe that learning this subject is no longer relevant. They reason that computers can do the math for them, so there is no need for them to waste hours learning it. While it would be nice for them to stop their struggle, there are many reasons to continue to learning even basic mathematics.

Counting is part of how the world keeps track of everything from apples to the number of zebras flourishing in the wild. This is part of the system of simple mathematics every primary school student is taught, and it is still an integral part of how the world is run. More advanced math subjects are taught in the forms of algebra, trigonometry and statistics. Each of these has its own place in the modern world.